Events Calendar


April 30th - A group of us "just friends" will get together at noon at the Munson parking lot and get to work on repainting the iconic PENTICTON sign on Munson Mt.! Ya', we know, its only loosely related to off-road trails (though there are plenty of short trails on and around Munson Mt.). Its more of a "give back to the community, because they've been generous with us" kinda' thing. That, and its simply Good JuJu. Join us! Click here to request more detailed information. This project is fully sanctioned by the City of Penticton Parks Dept., with liability coverage etc. It was a smashing success! Thanks to everyone who pitched in and helped out!

May 1st. - The first official day of the South Okanagan Trail Alliance's existence! Yup', "i-day" (insurance kicks in :-) This coincides with our insurer - the Federation of Mountain Clubs of BC's policy coverage and marks a ground-breaking new beginning to all things trail in the South Okanagan!

The event takes place on Wednesday evening, May 1st. at 7pm. The location is Maple Leaf Spirits - in their 'Secret Garden' - 1386 Carmi Ave. in Penticton. The Engel family; proprietors of Maple Leaf Spirits, will be hosting us and a local caterer will provide scrumptious snacks. Please RSVP as this is a limited-seating event! I cannot think of a better place to introduce them to us, us to them and all of us to each other! Membership forms will be on hand, along with a tour, speakers and amazing food and beverages - join us! A great turnout, excellent hosts and amazing bevvy's and eats! New members signed up and we all got to know one-another at the evening's event... which went long due to the fantastic hospitality of Maple Leaf Spirits!

May 4th - Our first official Trail-Day. We've successfully worked with BC Parks on many occasions over the past few years and today's trail-maintenance day will be another cooperative effort in our ongoing campaign to maintain trails in Skaha Bluffs Provincial Park. Join us Saturday morning at 9:15am in the main Skaha Bluffs parking lot. Bring a hat, eye, hand and foot protection as well as water, a hand-pruner, a shovel & rake plus your favorite variation of DEET! Snacks will be provided by SOTA. We'll be working on a section of WARD1 near the upper Skaha Bluffs parking lot - ie; we can drive right up to the trailhead / workzone! Three hours of work will find us with a new lower section of singletrack - a request that BC Parks has made of us, and one that we intend to fulfill. The existing trail is far too steep and heavily eroded. Wow - easily the most work accomplished by a local trail-group in years! 18 dedicated individuals turned up to dig in a new trail at the bottom of WARD1 in the Skaha Bluffs Provincial Park. Thank you to everyone who showed up and dedicated a few hours of time to bettering local trails! Here are a few pictures of the morning work-party.

Future Road Trips: SOTA members love road-trippin'! Join us for hike, bike and equestrian Road Trips in 2013. Skill-matched groups will explore this (((amazing))) province that we are so lucky to live in at least 3X each year; more if we can squeeze it in! Dates TBA. Past PACA road trips have included, 7-Summits in Rossland, Frisbee Ridge and Keystone Basin Trail in Revelstoke, China Ridge in Princeton. Kal Park and Ellison Park in Vernon, as well as frequent Apex Resort excursions. We plan to explore many more areas through SOTA in 2013!

Social R&R: Join us as we embrace other hobbies & sports in our community. Who remembered that astronomy through megga-telescopes, flying a high-tech' kite, attending a salmon feast, beer-tasting tours (no, not wine, beer!), snow-shoeing, camping and a million other fun stuff was, well, fun!? We're wide open to monthly "right-curve from outt'a nowhere" adventures too! Dates TBA, share your ideas. I'll post an online calendar as we inch closer to SOTA's May 1st rollout