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July Trail-Day For a variety of reasons and excuses, the small fencing and weed-whacking job at the base of the Beer Run trail has languished in semi-limbo for far too long. On Sunday, July 10th at 10am, departing 601 Braid Street, we will head up and finish the project. If interested in joining us, please bring gloves, appropriate footwear, sunglasses and sunscreen, snacks and water. We’ll wrangle up a small post-event party at Manitou Beach as a “thank you” to volunteers. Contact Andrew Drouin at 250.486.2443 or in order to learn more.

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2016 SOTA "to do" list

The South Okanagan Trail Alliance completed numerous trail projects in 2015 and we've a load more in store for 2016! Click here for a membership form and Join us to make a difference in the amazing trail infrastructure that lay within the South Okanagan!




The South Okanagan hosts an active and growing equestrian group. Horses have been creating sweet singletrack for a 200+ years in the valley! Read up on how we're working with riders and our inclusive attitudes toward equestrians and their amazing trail culture in the South Okanagan.

Koko & Andrew 

Hiking & Trail-Running

Pretty much the foundation of trail development for many decades, the Okanagan Valley's large contingent of hikers have quietly flagged and maintained trails 'under the radar' for over a half century in the South Okanagan.  We embrace their efforts and invite hikers and runners to join SOTA.

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Mountain Biking

Local cyclists have built and maintained valley trails for many years, but it wasn't until 2009, with the formation of the Penticton & Area Cycling Association that legitimate / sanctioned trails began to come into their own.  The South Okanagan Trail Alliance is an off-road evolution of the bike club.


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